His gaze speaks John 10:10 The intensity of His gaze speaks to the commitment that Christ has to His mission…to offer life abundantly and thwart the schemes of the enemy. View This Art Buy Now

Joseph Reveals

This complex work depicts Joseph dramatically revealing himself to his brothers. View This Art Buy Now

New Arrivals

Darryl Sieker is the artist who creates all the artwork you see here. Each piece is an original interpretative creation in pen and ink. They are large sizes of 18″ x 24″, each taking up to three months, or more, to complete. What is sold here are lithographs and prints of these works in varying sizes and prices.

The Story About The Artist.

Darryl discovered his gift for drawing as a young man. Finding an affinity to pen and ink, he is inspired by some of the greats like Albrecht Druer, Gustuve Dore, and MC Escher.